How to set up email (Gmail) on an Android device?

This page explains how to properly configure the email settings on an Android device in Gmail.

1. Open Gmail.

2. Click on your Google account at the top right.

3. Click Add another account.

4. Click Other.

5. Enter your email address and click MANUAL SETUP.

6. Click Personal (IMAP).

7. Enter the password and click NEXT.

8. Change the server name to and click NEXT.

9. You get the message “Certificate Invalid”, click Advanced.

10. Scroll down and click CONTINUE ANYWAY.

11. Change the outgoing server name back to

12. You will again see the message “Certificate Invalid”, click on Advanced again.

13. Scroll down and click CONTINUE ANYWAY.

14. If you agree with the Account Options click NEXT.

15. You will now receive a message that you are ready to email and so you are done.

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