How do I set up Apple Mail?


This page explains how to properly configure the settings in Apple Mail.


1. Open Apple Mail.
2. Click on “Mail” in the top left and then on “Preferences”.
3a. You will automatically end up in the overview of the accounts.
3b. Click on the + sign at the bottom left.
4. Enter the name, email address and password and click “Sign In”.
5. An error message follows because the account cannot be verified.

6. Leave the Account Type on “IMAP” and enter “” for both servers. Then click on “Sign in”.

7. In any case, leave the check mark next to “Mail” and if “Notes” is used, this can also be left checked.
8. On the left you can now see that your account has been added.
9. By clicking on the account you can view the data and possibly. adjust at a later stage. For now your account is ready to use.
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