How do I set up Outlook 2010?


This page explains how to correctly configure the email settings in Outlook 2010.

Step 1 – Open Outlook

1.1 Open Outlook and click the File tab.

Step 2 – Add Account

2.1 Click Add Account.

Step 3 – Server Settings

3.1 Click “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” and click Next.

Step 4 – Internet Email

4.1 Leave “Internet e-mail” checked and click Next.

Step 5 – Server Details

5.1 Enter the name of the user and the e-mail address to be used at “User data”.

5.2 Under “Server information” select “Account type:” “IMAP” and “Incoming email server:” and “Outgoing email server (SMTP):”

Enter the following information for both incoming mail server and outgoing mail server: “”.

5.3 Enter the e-mail address to be used under “Login details” under “User name:” and the password to be used under “Password:”. Also check “Remember password” and then click on “More settings…”.

Step 6 – SMTP Verification

6.1 Under the “Outgoing mail server” tab, check the box “Outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication”.

Step 7 – SSL and Port Numbers

7.1 Under the tab “Advanced” under “Server port numbers” under “Incoming e-mail (IMAP):” enter port number “993” under “Use the following type of encrypted connection:” select “SSL”.< /p>

7.2 At “Outgoing e-mail (SMTP):” enter port number “465” choose “Use the following type of encrypted connection:” for “SSL”. Then click on “OK”.

Step 8 – Test Account Settings

8.1 Click “Next >”. The Account Settings will now be automatically tested and the screen below should appear. Then click on “Close”.

Step 9 – Completion

9.1 The procedure is now completed as shown in the screen below. Click on “Finish”.

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