How do I set up Thunderbird by Mozilla?


This page explains how to properly configure the email settings in Thunderbird.

Step 1 – Install Thunderbird

1.1 Open your browser and go to

1.2 Click the green “Free Download” button

1.3 Click on “Save file”.

1.4 Click on the downloaded file “Thunderbird Setup 60.5.1” to start the installation.

1.5 Click on “Run”.

1.6 Answer any security question with “Yes” to actually perform the installation.

1.7 Click “Next >”.

1.8 Leave the Installation type set to “Default” and click “Next >”. Look out! If you do NOT want to use Thunderbird as your default e-mail application, you must remove the bottom check.

1.9 Click on “Install”.

1.10 Uncheck “Start Mozilla Thunderbird now” and click “Finish”.

Step 2 – Add Email Accounts

2.1 To configure a GMail account, fill in the requested information in “Name”, E-mail address” and “Password”, uncheck “Remember password” and click on “Continue”.

2.2 Leave everything as the program finds the settings and click “Done”.

2.3 To configure your email account click on “Email” under “Set up an account”.

2.4 Fill in your details at “Your name”, “Email address” and “Password”, leave the check mark next to “Remember password” and click on “Continue”.

2.5 Thunderbird now throws an error, so the server information needs to be corrected. In the pop-up, fill in the information below/next and in the “User name” (bottom line) your own e-mail address. Click on “Retest”.

2.6 The pop-up below will appear. Click on “Done”.